Having a website is more complicated than simply having a domain name and uploading files for it on a web server. The website hosting service also features things such as domain records, databases, e mail addresses, statistics, FTP access, etc. Though they might not be the first thing which comes to mind when you refer to the word “website”, they are a fundamental element of any website and none of them can be skipped. If you want to start and maintain a prosperous presence online, you'll need an easy way to handle all these things, specifically if you aren't very knowledgeable. Apart from the ease of use, it's also essential to have full control over your domains and the hosting service associated with them.
Website Manager in Semi-dedicated Servers
When you have a semi-dedicated server account with us, we'll give you a powerful tool through which you can manage every aspect of your online presence - our Website Manager. If you are an advanced user, you will appreciate how much time the tool will save you, while if you're a rookie, you shall enjoy an easy-to-use interface that'll permit you to do anything in a couple of easy steps. You shall be able to edit DNS records, to set up an application through our 1-click script installer, to check out visitor stats, to create a new email address, a database or an FTP account via quick-access buttons for every single domain address hosted inside the account. The Website Manager tool provides you with the easiness and the control that you need to maintain a prosperous presence on the web.