SSL, which is short for Secure Sockets Layer, is a security protocol which encrypts the data that users submit on a website. If they type in a username and a password on a login page or they acquire services and products online and they input their credit card info, the data will be exchanged with the web server in an encrypted form, which means that an unauthorized third-party will not be able to see it. An SSL certificate will raise the security of your website and shall make it more inviting to clients, but in addition to the cost for the SSL, you must spend extra money for a dedicated IP address, which is normally required for the SSL installation. In case you manage a small e-commerce portal and your budget is limited or you're a part of a non-profit organization and you could find better use for the funds, you could avoid the added expense by making use of our services as our cloud web hosting platform supports SSL certificates not only on a dedicated IP address, but also on a shared one.
Shared SSL IP in Semi-dedicated Servers
If you host a website within a semi-dedicated server account from our company and you would like to secure the info of your website visitors, you'll be able to use a shared IP address which has been configured for SSL certificates with only a few clicks. You can select this option in the SSL order wizard that you will find within the Hepsia hosting Control Panel and you can even choose the certificate to be set up for the specific domain name or subdomain automatically by our system. This way everything could be set up for you on the shared IP the moment you approve the SSL. With this service we grant you the opportunity to secure the information of your Internet site users at no additional cost and without affecting the way the SSL shall encode the info in any way. The only difference from using a dedicated address is that your Internet site won't be accessible if you enter the shared IP address as opposed to the domain/subdomain within the web browser address bar.