Ideal for Visitors from the USA, Canada or Latin America

If your personal or business site is aimed toward clients who are located in the United States of America, Canada or South America, we recommend that you take advantage of IMP Webhosting’s American data center. Physically located in downtown Chicago, IL, it is one of the most renowned data centers in America!

The facility is located in a particularly stable location, which in turn diminishes the risk of network downtimes triggered by tornadoes, earthquakes or other natural disasters. It has been designed to serve telecommunications service providers and hence boasts complete redundancy in power, connectivity and security.

In the USA data center, IMP Webhosting offers an array of web hosting solutions for you to pick from – VPS web hosting plans, semi-dedicated plans and dedicated web hosting plans. And you can quickly switch from one hosting service to another!

US Located VPS Web Hosting Plans

If you’re searching for fast and inexpensive VPSs, you’ve come to the best place! All our US Located VPS Web Hosting Plans offer really fast solid–state disks, abundant CPU and RAM memory quotas for your web site and web applications, along with a variety of Linux distros.

US Located Semi-dedicated Plans

If you’re sick and tired of server management procedures, but you want a lot more robust web hosting solution than a basic cloud website hosting plans plan, we have the perfect solution for your needs – IMP Webhosting’s US located semi-dedicated plans! They do not entail any server administration procedures! You will administer everything with our simple–to–use Web Hosting Control Panel. And you will get bountiful CPU usage and MySQL database storage space allocations so that you can manage resource–requiring websites and web applications! And, with each US semi–dedicated server, you will be offered a 99.9% network uptime guarantee!

US Located Dedicated Web Hosting Plans

Our US located dedicated web hosting plans are the ultimate web hosting solution one can find! You will have an entire physical machine exclusively for yourself, together with complete root–level access – to install and modify whatever you desire. IMP Webhosting’s dedicated servers sport reliable and time–tested hardware components. And if you ever need assistance with your dedicated server, we offer a 24x7 support service!

  • Service Guarantees

  • Get a 99.9% network uptime guarantee with all web hosting solutions offered in our USA data center!
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  • Choose IMP Webhosting and relish leading connection speeds for your websites from any place on the planet on account of our top-class data centers.
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