Weekly Data Backups

With the OpenVZ VPS servers from IMP Webhosting, you're able to at last feel secure for your websites and servers. With all of our servers, we supply completely automated complete server backups that run a couple of times every week. You don’t have to do or configure anything to have them operating for your server. Due to our amazing server hardware, the backup procedure won't impact your server performance.If at any time you have to recover a backup copy, call our 24/7 technical support. They're going to reinstate your server in just seconds. Weekly Data Backups

Unlimited Hosted Domains

Typically, when you have a virtual private server, you will need to use numerous control panels - 1 for your server, one for your web site and one for your domain names. And that is simply too much. With us, you are able to host unlimited domains and control them from the same place you maintain your websites, quickly. In this way, you're able to convert your OpenVZ VPS server in the center of your online presence. Unlimited Hosted Domains

Free Control Panel

If you have a Virtual Private Server, you will need a quick and helpful instrument to handle your website. This is when our zero cost Web Hosting Control Panel comes in. It was designed by us to be used together with our services, which makes it considerably quicker as opposed to competing control panels. And also, since we made it for our services, we have been capable of making it very user-friendly and uncomplicated, with a zero learning curve.In addition to being convenient to use, it’s furthermore set with features which both hosting tyros and experienced users will appreciate. You are able to conveniently manage your websites and domains from the same location, you are able to upload files instantly with your web browser over a secure connection and you will have 100% command over your e-mail experience. In addition, we have loaded a large collection of software instruments and bonuses which can help you have your web site to another level. Free Control Panel

Free Bonuses

Once you get an OpenVZ VPS server from IMP Webhosting, apart from the actual server, in addition, you’ll have an array of value-added bonuses.Right from the start, we add an absolutely free dedicated IP address, which can be used for your primary site. This way, it's easy to make your site stand out from all the other websites that use shared IP addresses. Moreover, a dedicated IP is needed if you want to receive an SSL certificate - something that is practically a requirement if you'd like to manage an online store. Should you want to have a profit from your VPS, however you don’t have a developed electronic store or an item you're able to sell, you can quickly change your virtual server into a hosting server with the completely free reseller hosting tools. We offer you a domain name reseller account and billing software at a combined worth of over $300.00 USD, that can offer full automation for your hosting business and they are quite simple to install.Last but not least, we have a lot of absolutely free bonuses and practical software tools found in our 100% free Web Hosting Control Panel, which are well worth exploring. Free Bonuses

Data Center Choices

Choose an OpenVZ VPS server and opt for your data center with IMP Webhosting. We’re aware how essential is the location of a data center for the sleek browsing experience of your potential customers. That is why we've picked out several of the finest data centers, located all over the world and we have made them available for you. You'll be able to pick from the US data center in Chicago, the UK data center, within the outskirts of Coventry and our AU data center, found in the business heart of Sydney. Each of these data centers provides a 99.9% warranted network uptime and great connectivity options. And no matter which data center you choose, the server price will continue to be the same. Data Center Choices